Y-cam homemonitor indoor (ychmi01)  centralpoint

Y-cam homemonitor indoor (ychmi01)

Smart BufferTM pre-record Missed something? HomeMonitor didn't. With Smart Buffer, HomeMonitor automagically starts recording before things happen. With a special pre-buffer, you'll never miss that crucial moment, as all those potential missed moments are saved in to your online account to be viewed like normal. Bandwidth friendly HomeMonitor is always monitoring, but unlike other internet cameras that are constantly streaming video, HomeMonitor doesn't use your bandwidth all of the time - only when motion is detected. This means your own internet usage won't be affected, and helps you save money on your internet bill. Securing your home, seeing your stuff, and saving money? Only with HomeMonitor . Saves you money HomeMonitor is the most advanced and versatile internet camera solution on the market, designed to be easy to use and cheap to run with two days completely free online recording and unlimited live view. No computer needed, no special software, no downloads, no monthly payments, no subscription required, and no ongoing charges equals one big yes for HomeMonitor .

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