Y-cam cube hd 720 (ycwhd5)  centralpoint

Y-cam cube hd 720 (ycwhd5)

HD Video and Audio See and hear exactly what your Y-cam Cube HD 720 does, from anywhere, with its in-built professional quality, high definition 720p video. With the highest quality CMOS lens and microphone you can experience outstanding quality video with full resolution at 30 fps. 24/7 Protection The Y-cam Cube HD 720 combines IR cut filter and 28 instantly activating high powered infrared LED lights for 24/7 security. This provide true day colour representation and crisp night time images, even in pitch black, creating ultimate security through the day and night. Motion detection & alarms Easy to configure motion windows set through the camera user interface. The threshold and sensitivity of these motion windows can be determined by the user, offering total control. The Y-cam Cube HD 720 is able to send email notifications, alerts and snapshot to any dedicated email account. This will alert the user to any activity in real time, no matter where the recipient may be. H.264 compression The latest compression technology, H.264, allows for highly efficient network utilisation and reduces the need to extensive storage solutions. This reduces costs and achieves higher quality for less power. Realistically bring true HD into the mainstream. Wi-Fi N Utilising the most advanced Wi-Fi technology, the Y-cam Cube HD 720 is our most connective camera to date. Housing Wi-Fi N compatibility users can now experience our widest and fastest connection speeds, insuring networks are optimised. MicroSD recording Capture every moment directly on your camera with the Y-cam Cube HD 720. Have the ability to store up to 64GB of data directly on the camera with the built-in microSD memory card slot. It doesn t need 3rd party software, recording devices or an internet connection, meaning it can work in more remote locations. Advanced compatibility From NAS or NVR drives, to external hard disks, to home automation Y-cam will integrate with the products you already own. Additionally, frequent firmware and software updates allow the Cube HD 720 to grow at the same time as the rest of your system. Direct to iOS viewing There s no need for fussy additional apps: experience quality video and crisp audio, in real-time, from wherever you are, straight from your iPhone or iPad. Simple & secure The camera compiles the latest encryptions including WEP, WPA and WPA2 for ultimate control and security. However our intuitive interface means you can implement the highest quality security with ease and efficiency. PoE accessory Offering heightened flexibility, the Y-cam Cube HD 720 can connect to a simple plug in PoE accessory. This allows users to switch between Wi-Fi and PoE, optimising installation possibilities and making it perfect for installers and end users looking for a convertible and flexible solution.

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