Levelone fcs-5011 (fcs-5011)  centralpoint

Levelone fcs-5011 (fcs-5011)

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) provides superior imagery for all your surveillance needs.Regular cameras provide adequate coverage for most applications, but sometimes sunlight in the background creates images that are too dark to recognize the subject matter. WDR is a special new CMOS sensor technology that creates balanced, well-lit images, even when facing directly into the sun. And for night viewing, FCS-5011 also has built-in IR LEDs, offering excellent night surveillance coverage up to 15 meters away. Powerful, feature rich IP Network Camera With the new WDR function, FCS-5011 offers users the most advanced security features available. It also includes a removable IRcut filter for day and night usage, a housing for vandalproof and IP66-rated weatherproof protection in outdoor deployments, 2-way audio for alarm/intercom functions, simultaneous MPEG-4 and MJPEG streaming and much more. Where to deploy? FCS-5011 is ideal for any professional-level internet protocol surveillance network. Some sample applications include: utility companies, industrial manufacturing, metropolitan and government enterprises, airports, railway stations, parking lots, warehouses, public parks, hotel lobby entrances and banks/ATM entrances ? all especially useful with the WDR function for superior lighting control.

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