Levelone fcs-3031 (fcs-3031)  centralpoint

Levelone fcs-3031 (fcs-3031)

- High-quality Progressive 1/4 CMOS image sensor at VGA (640x480) resolution - Provide MPEG4 Simple Profile and MJPEG video streams simultaneously (up to 30fps) - Supports analog output (NTSC/PAL) for installation purpose - Hardware 128-bit AES and 64-bit DES/3DES data encryption - Supports dual directions voice (G.726 at 8K sampling rate and 16K bit rate) in full duplex - Supports up to 10 viewers simultaneously - Motion Detection by analyzing the video stream - Supports HTTP streaming in MPEG4 and MJPEG video format - Provide 1 additional 160x120 MPEG4 video stream for cell phone access (through RTP) - Built-in PIR Sensor for Motion Detection Product Overview FCS-3031 is a Dome Type PoE Network Camera for consumer markets. This IP Camera comes with a highquality progressive 1/4 CMOS sensor. It also streams real-time audio and video in MPEG4/MJPEG video compression formats over a PoE enabled LAN network or in 3GPP compression format for streaming over a 3G mobile network. Powerful, feature rich PoE IP Network Camera Despite its compact size, FCS-3031 features fixed focus lens, two-way audio capability, and excellent video quality. IEEE 802.3af PoE compliant, users can install the camera without concerns about the power outlet located near the camera for easy deployment of a PoE enable LAN network. Passive InfraRed (PIR) Sensor When people pass by or in an emergency situation, the built-in PIR motion detection sensor will detect and start recording automatically, which is able to detect movement up to 5 meters away. When motion is detected at the specified regions, the additional function of alarm notification can send an E-mail alert or send captured images via FTP upload to a designated storage server. Bundled LevelOne IP CamSecure Lite FCS-3031 comes bundled with the LevelOne IP CamSecure Lite Surveillance Management Software. This allows users to monitor cameras up to 32 channels simultaneously.

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